Digital ID to be accepted for domestic travel

In addition to the digital ID, the airport is still accepting passports, and physical ID cards among other valid forms of identity as well.
In an effort to bring about more security measures as well as easy access for the citizens of the Maldives, in December 2022 the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and...
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Sina-male' Flats to be rebuilt

Housing is always a trending and upcoming topic in the Maldives, where people are always moving to find a more sustainable way of living. With the smaller islands of the...
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Maldives National Debt 94,001,001,001.00 MVR for every single Maldivian

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Skill gaps in Maldivian work force

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According to Ministry of Economic Development, the Maldivian economy exhibited remarkable resilience in 2021, bouncing back strongly from the adverse impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic., the number of employees under...