'Zero Tolerance' decommissioned

3 min read
Every government in the Maldives that has come to power since 2008 did so partly on the premise of fighting corruption and the promise of recovering state assets allegedly lost...

The Corruption Perception Index Report

5 min read
Corruption is a scourge upon humankind. From the developed nations of the Scandinavian region to the struggling colonial victim administrations of Asia and Africa, the seeds of corruption, and cutting...

The Komandoo promises

3 min read
With the announcement of the bi-election for the Komandoo constituency, after the untimely death of incumbent Member Hussein Waheed, political parties in the Maldives have now shifted into full gear...

The curious case of Mahloof

4 min read
The current Minister of Youth and Sports, with a prominent focus on football, Ahmed Mahloof has been topping the charts as one of the more controversial scandals of 2021. 

Political parties; a snapshot

3 min read
A political party is an organised group of people who share similar beliefs about how the country should be run and how to solve the major issues facing the country....