About Us

At Maldives Financial Review (MFR), we believe our readers expect us to keep them richly informed about the Maldives' economy, financial sector and other key socioeconomic development. Our articles and special reports are based on select priority sections. Namely;

  • Finance
  • Business & Industry
  • The Public Sector and
  • The International Sector

MFR will also include a keen focus on Science & Technology, Culture, Climate Change, Women & Society and other current issues.

To keep readers continuously engaged and informed, we will also run Opinion pieces by experts, where we welcome ideas and views from our readers on topics relevant and important to our society.

In all our stories, reports, articles, and statistical analyses, we aim to deliver distinct, fact-based, credible and timely information & exploration. It is our sincere hope that our writings will lead to positive, constructive and illuminated discussions on issues that matter to our communities.

MFR is not affiliated with any specific political view nor do we share a particular philosophy specific to any political party. We strive to champion policies, initiatives and issues that will make a clear, lasting, impact on communities and the world.

MFR supports macroeconomic balance, sustainable development, innovation, protection of the environment & human rights and strengthening of institutions through higher transparency & proper governance.

Editorial Policy

We at Maldive Financial Review (MFR) believe and promote policies and values that are common to our team members. All writers, journalists, and editors have the common goal of reporting factual and accurate information that is backed by proper research and data. For these reasons, we believe that what matters is what we write, rather than who writes it. Unlike most other newspapers and magazines, we will not be publishing author names in our articles.

However, with writings under the ‘Opinion’ section, we give the opportunity for expert external and independent professionals to express their views with author names disclosed. All opinions and views expressed in the section are not necessarily of MFR, though they may, from time to time, align with the publication's views and outlook.

Every article we publish is peer-reviewed, proof-read and checked for accuracy & fairness by our dedicated editorial team.

Our writers are expected to follow our Author’s Guidelines, and to always submit fact-checked work. They should be ready to provide source material, engage in discussion regarding their submissions and respond to questions.

MFR always welcomes, and encourages, internal queries with the authors or editors as a matter of practice. Articles are only published once all standing queries are resolved.

Note on social media and other public, and private, comments by team members

Posts and comments made by individual team members on social media, as well as other public and private comments, reflect their personal views and not necessarily the views of Maldives Financial Review. MFR views this as a personal right to express their opinion regardless of the position, and views, of the publication as a whole.

Please follow MFR on social media for the publication's official perspective.