Public Sector

Floating the exchange rate

5 min read
The Maldivian government first implemented a floating exchange rate in 1987. The exchange rate had been MVR8.50 at the time of initial change, but almost immediately spiked to MVR12 reflecting...

Food insecurity

3 min read
The month of Ramadan is a time of intense spiritual devotion in Islamic cultures, and doubles as a catalyst for societal connection for Muslim communities all over the world. It...

Fiscal performance

2 min read
According to statistics issued by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure received the highest funding for the year. 

Economy in limbo?

3 min read
The International Monetary Fund concluded its 2021 Article IV consultation with the Maldives in October 2021. It noted the 'prompt and comprehensive' policy response of the government to the economic...

'Zero Tolerance' decommissioned

3 min read
Every government in the Maldives that has come to power since 2008 did so partly on the premise of fighting corruption and the promise of recovering state assets allegedly lost...