Financial Sector

Ayady Takaful's 2019 surplus distribution

1 min read
Allied Insurance Maldives has, through their Islamic insurance window, Ayady Takaful, announced that they have set a record for the 2019 surplus distribution for their customers, with an impressive MVR1.52...

BML needs to be held accountable

3 min read
On 29 November 2021 the Maldives’ retail economy was virtually brought to a standstill. The Bank of Maldives, while doing some routine upgrades — that the company had failed to...

HDFC’s 4th Sukuk issuance

4 min read
On 22 September, the Housing Development Finance Corporation Plc (HDFC) announced the extension of the closing date of its Mudarabah Sukuk Issue No. 4 from 30 September to 31 October...