Sustainability with Six Senses Laamu

In recent times, activities carried out by Six Senses Laamu have drawn many to develop an interest in the destination.

Maldives underwater initiative

Maldives underwater initiative

Resorts and hotels in the Maldives have been embracing various creative ways to keep tourists interested since the introduction of tourism. While it may have begun with branding the resorts as a luxury destination in the heart of the one and the only Maldives, the initial image of how people see resorts has evolved over time.

While the majority still envisions the Maldives as an unaffordably luxurious destination that one can only hope to splurge on for occasions as special as a honeymoon, that image has slowly been changing recently. With the Maldives trying to embrace the sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, not only in its islands but also in several of its resorts, destinations have become known for much more than the beaches and beautiful water villas that they offer.

One of the biggest hits in this sustainable tourism was when Soneva Fushi introduced their ‘barefoot’ concept in an effort to become more sustainable. This concept revolves around guests being encouraged to deposit their shoes into a drawstring bag that they are handed on arrival and really connect with nature. This concept became a big hit with many as Soneva Fushi gained popularity among locals and tourists alike who were curious to experience this ‘barefoot’ lifestyle. 

However, as the eco-friendly methods of living started getting embraced by the majority to the point that they started appearing in every marketing tactic and every advertisement, hotels and guest houses started letting go of their aim to be the most luxurious in order to offer guests a sustainable way to connect with nature. While some do it merely as a marketing tactic, other resorts go above and beyond to ensure that they are fully embracing all that nature has to offer.

One of such resorts that fully embraces nature would have to be Six Senses Laamu. Located in Laamu Atoll, Maldives, this resort has a state-of-the-art institute of marine conservation which offers extensive insight into the local sea life while also providing local research community outreach projects. Six Senses Laamu offers a Sustainability Tour to see innovation and experimentation in action at their Earth Lab, their hub for self-sufficiency and zero waste, as they aim to produce more onsite and reduce emissions from long-distance transport, with the goal of being responsible for the environment and the local community.

Most recently, in July 2022 Six Senses Laamu achieved several milestones in their aim towards becoming more sustainable. This July saw the start of MUI's annual seagrass survey, the completion of their annual research report on mantas in Laamu, the hatching season for turtles in Laamu, and the Earth Lab ramping up compost and organic garden production. 

In recent times, such activities carried out by Six Senses Laamu have drawn many to develop an interest in the destination. While many people take the world sustainability at face value, it appears that at Six Senses Laamu they truly put in work to appreciate what mother nature is providing for us.

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