Siyam World — all in for fun and adventure in paradise!

From their all-inclusive offerings to the Maldives' biggest floating water park Siyam World has a lot to offer.

Source - Siyam World Maldives

Source - Siyam World Maldives

An Island deserving of its name, Siyam World aims to offer its visitor’s an experience of multiple colours and sensations that can entertain every type of traveller, in an all-encompassing adventure. 

MFR recently reached out to the management of Siyam World with a few questions, and their answers paint an extravagant picture.

The Maldives Financial Review: How would you say Siyam World is different from all the other resorts in Maldives?

Siyam World: We are a striking new vision of the Maldives’ rich natural wonders. A carefree playground with an exciting, diverse, and infinite collection of experiences across land, ocean, and sky. We see Siyam World as truly a world within an island — the whole concept relies on offering something for every type of traveler, its designed for fun-loving, open-minded couples, romance seekers, families or larger groups of friends, with the freedom to roam, socialise and engage in an island community. 

It’s a world, a destination, that is built for everyone. Siyam World has the biggest floating water park in Maldives along with one of the biggest sports complexes in Maldives, the “World Sports Arena”, featuring four tennis courts with three different surfaces, a FIFA standard football field, two futsal courts, and two badminton and volleyball courts.

The resort comprises of 19 enticing accommodation categories of 1–6-bedroom villas including overwater villas with slides, pavilions and The Beach House Collection residences with six different categories of villas. Forget any preconceptions of monotonous dining in the Maldives as guests can take advantage of more than a dozen restaurants and bars with the WOW! premium all-inclusive benefits including unlimited complimentary access to the floating water park.

MFR: What is the ideology for the recreational activities available here?

Siyam World: We believe that sport and recreation activities are an essential part of daily life, as our recreational activities will contribute to a positive sense of community identity.

MFR: Does going away from the generic Maldivian resort idea already benefit this resort?

Siyam World: There are over 130 resorts in the Maldives. To be competitive and also serve the needs of all kinds of travellers, we knew we had to set the bar to be a new kind of destination in the Maldives.

MFR: Do you think Siyam World sets a trend of change for other resorts?

Siyam World: Siyam World is definitely a trend setter as it is the largest — with 54 hectares — island resort in the Maldives, the first resort to feature slides in every water villa category and to feature an array of multi bedroom villas along with unforgettable experiences, whether its riding a horse into the beautiful Maldivian sunset or embracing their adventurous side and trying out the Siyam Water World challenges. There are many more “firsts” that we will be launching in the coming months.

MFR: Being one of the largest resorts in the country, how important is the recreation activities when bringing in more customers?

Siyam World: Recreational activities are very important in making sure we live up to our brand concept. Our concept is “Bye bye boredom, hello endless escapades”, meaning we make sure that there is no sense of stillness or dullness and that there is always something happening.

MFR: What are some of the upcoming activities being developed for this island?

Siyam World: There will be a few introductions of new experiences in the coming months that have never been done before in the Maldives. Stay tuned for that.

MFR: Are there any plans to host international events and exhibitions?

Siyam World: Siyam World will definitely be home in the near future to international events and exhibitions.

MFR: How does this benefit the Maldivian creative arts and music community?

Siyam World: We place great emphasis on local, young talent. The branding and concept, visual identity of the resort was worked on by young local talents from Noonu Atoll. 

MFR: What are some additional highlights for your international visitors might expect?

Siyam World: Siyam World Maldives is uncompromisingly quirky with a fun-loving attitude, a deep-rooted soul, and a unique approach to everything. Guests have an endless array of ‘never-seen-before’ experiences to enjoy, including access to the floating water park.

The natural 54-hectares and five-star island resort boasts a variety of accommodation categories of 1–6-bedroom villas, pavilions and The Beach House Collection residences that span from 89 to 3,000 square meters, ranging from lush Pool Beach Villas, expansive Beach Suites and breath-taking Beach Residences to fun Over-Water Villas with slides, stunning Grand Water Pavilions and a posh Palace.

Guests can take advantage of more than a dozen restaurants and bars at Siyam World, including the unbeatable WOW! Premium all-inclusive benefits offering an unlimited medley of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, a tantalising selection of health, fitness and wellness activities, excursions, water sports, kids and teens activities, and a lot more. Whether traditionally Thai, Indian, Maldivian, or Spanish flavours, guests can choose between four dinner restaurants as part of the all-inclusive benefits and, for an additional fee, experience the exclusive Japanese signature restaurant for a special evening with a loved one or to celebrate a unique occasion.  A diversity of vegan and vegetarian dishes are available in all restaurants and the underground Wine Cellar with its selection of world-renowned wines rounds up the culinary array of experiences to fit everyone’s palates or preferences.

Locally inspired Veyo Spa located in the midst of the jungle with lush vegetation and beautifully designed treatment rooms are set for those looking for wellness infused getaway. The resort also features some of the region’s best dive sites just meters away which makes Siyam World truly an island of infinite choices, fun and bliss!

The Beach House Collection at Siyam World embodies a secluded, pristine and idyllic island holiday experience — a true Maldivian familiarity with luxurious but modern comforts  — and a heaven for those who appreciate beauty and life. Residence guests enjoy exclusive privileges additional to the WOW! Premium all-inclusive benefits and are able to relish the 24 hour Ambassador service throughout their stay.

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