Bangkok Airways resumes flights to the Maldives

Bangkok Airways recently announced that they will resume flights to the Maldives in July of this year.

Source: Velana International Airport

Source: Velana International Airport

Only two years ago, the Pandemic prompted countries to close their borders and go into lockdown. Staying at home became the new trend as there was little to no choice; flying to another country was a far-fetched dream at the time. People spent months planning their 'first trip after the pandemic,' as it seemed surreal that we could ever leave our own homes, let alone travel to another country, after such a long time in lockdown.

Even after the pandemic, those stuck in Thailand found it difficult to travel to the Maldives as there were no direct flights available.

However, Bangkok Airways has resumed flights to the Maldives on 24 July 2022. With flights scheduled to operate every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, it is no surprise that many travelers will be dusting off plans made during the pandemic, as travel to the Maldives is now within reach.

With this announcement, it is important to consider the visitor requirement when planning your next trip to the Maldives. Following the drop in COVID-19 rates in the Maldives, the requirements have become very standard. While tourists must fill out a traveler declaration form and have a valid passport, little else is required, and the mandatory RT-PCR tests is no longer required on arrival as well.

For those planning to take Bangkok Airways from the Maldives to Thailand, it is also important to take into account the visitor requirement upon entering the country as the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand has updated requirements for those entering the country after July 1st.

 The pre-arrival requirements are straightforward: a valid passport, Covid-19 vaccine certification, and a valid passport. Visitors who are fully vaccinated will not need to undergo any additional procedures upon arrival; however, those who are not fully vaccinated/remain unvaccinated must provide a negative RT-PCR test or a professional ATK within 72 hours of travel. If the test is positive, the traveller will be required to undergo mandatory quarantine and pay the associated costs, just like in any other country.

With the July holidays approaching, it is finally time to book that flight for the vacation you've been planning since 2020!

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