Alila Kothaifaru Maldives

The resort features a contemporary colour palette with natural textures that really highlight privacy and comfort while being in touch with mother nature.



Alila Kothaifaru, one of the three new resorts that opened in the Maldives in 2022 is a private island retreat located in Raa Atoll, the Northern edge of the Maldives. This heavenly location, perfect for those who are looking for an escape into nature as well as those who have a love for diving, is reached via a 45-minute seaplane ride that allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery from the moment you depart from the capital city Male’ until you reach your destination at Raa Atoll.

This resort was originally set to open in the year 2020, however, just like several other resorts and hotels all over the globe, the opening date was pushed back due to COVID-19. Officially opening on May 12, 2022, the resort started accepting reservations as early as April 14, 2022, for the soft launch of 44 beachfront villas and 36 overwater villas.

To complement the truly detached nature experience, the design and interiors of the resort feature a contemporary colour palette with natural textures that really highlight privacy and comfort while being in touch with mother nature.

In addition to the relaxing interiors, guests will also have access to amenities such as an infinity pool, a fitness centre, watersports and dive centre, a play space for the young guests, a yoga space for those who are looking for a deeper form of relaxation, library for book lovers, a game room as well as a lifestyle boutique that has a variety of amenities as well as a range of local and international island inspired products.

This resort not only incorporates greenery into its architecture as they aim to achieve the EarthCheck certification, making this resort environmentally friendly heaven. The whole resort is incorporated around green initiatives such as architecture built around the island’s natural landscape, conserving up to 70 percent of the existing vegetation and the maximum number of native trees, use of eco-friendly alternatives, sustainable water consumption practices, the inclusion of recyclable energy, as well as inclusion waste management measures such as converting paper products and vegetable waste into fertiliser and the use of an on-site bottle crusher and garbage compactor. 

If that was not tempting enough to make anyone visit this beautiful resort, the variety of restaurants and bars would definitely do the trick as Alila Kothaifaru definitely does not lack in this department. Restaurants that serve dishes ranging from Middle-Eastern, Coastal, and Asian to Mediterranean-inspired cuisine are available at the most beautiful restaurants and bars with the most breathtaking views.

If the food is not enough to amaze those who visit this resort, the bars will surely do the trick with the variety of drinks available while guests relax and watch the breathtaking sunsets at this remote location. 

In order to make the trip to this resort truly unique and memorable, it is a must to book a short sail on a traditional Maldivian dhoni and capture the sunset on the picturesque waters of the Maldives. This trip can be booked either as a four-hour day trip with a picnic-style lunch or a 4-hour evening trip with a private chef to cook up a sunset BBQ.

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