Creating Memories of the Maldives with 'Vilunü'

As Vilunü celebrates their third anniversary, the brand has already collaborated with two resorts in the Maldives to create the perfect scents for the resorts.

Source: Vilunu Collection

Source: Vilunu Collection

People say pictures capture memories forever, but pictures aren’t the only things that can bring you back to your happiest moments on vacation or spending quality time with the ones you love on the beach on an island getaway. Perfume or scents often tend to have a similar effect as we often connect scents to particular people, places or memories. One particular scent can take you back years, to your fondest memories with friends on a sunny day enjoying a picnic by the ocean or simply unwinding in your personal space with a good book and some music.

Vilunü Maldives is all about capturing those memories with scents as they aim to change how one remembers the Maldives with their range of home fragrances created with sustainably sourced ingredients to connect you to your core memory of the Maldives.

About Vilunü Maldives and their products

Vilunü is a Maldivian brand that started out with the aim to capture the memories of the founders’ Maldivian childhood home and the island trips taken in their youth – a way of reconnecting to the precious memories from your childhood. The brand created the scents of the Maldives that will have you envisioning the turquoise blue seas, and the calming waves crashing along the shorelines on a slow day at the beach, on days when all your worries are washed away with the waves and the tropical breeze of the Maldives.

Vilunü carries just more than home fragrances, the brand also has a variety of bath and body products all inspired by flowers, spices and plants that are found in homes of the local islands of the Maldives. The brand carries six scents which include passionfruit & green leaf, jasmine & guava leaf, jasmine & cinnamon, rose & vetiver, tuberose & gardenia, and tangerine & guava leaf.

In three successful years

Vilunü Maldives has achieved some major milestones along the way. As they recently celebrated their third anniversary, the brand has already collaborated with two resorts in the Maldives to create the perfect scents for the resorts. The first is Coconut & Pink sunsets created for the festive season at One and Only Reethi Rah featuring the calming scents of coconut, rose, brown sugar and vanilla bean to represent the coconutty cocktails that guests often enjoy on the calming beaches of the resort as they enjoy the beautiful sunsets of the Maldives.

The second scent was created for Villa Haven as a part of the Villa Resorts & Hotel’s recent rebranding. The ‘island garden’ scent was created for Villa to bring out the fresh floral scents with notes of jasmine and creamy coconut to bring guests back to the feeling of enjoying a walk through a Maldivian flower garden where jasmines are often found.

With their ability to curate unique scents for each brand, allowing guests to identify and relate specific scents to places and brands, Vilunü has created a brand that can easily be identified, making them extremely unique among other local brands.

With scents carrying such a strong connection to memories that are created, Vilunü offers brands the ability to allow guests to carry a part of their vacation and the happiest memories they have created in these locations back home with them, allowing guests to reminisce their moments in the Maldives with Vilunü.

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