Upgrading to 5G connectivity

In celebration of their 17 years of service on 1st August 2022, Ooredoo Maldives has introduced 5G network in the greater Male’ area.



Telecommunication services were first introduced to the Maldives way back in 1988 with the inception of Dhivehi Rajjeyge Gulhun Public Limited (Dhiraagu). With 41.8 percent Government shares and 6.2 percent shares owned by the public, Dhiraagu was a monopoly power in the telecommunication field of the Maldives for a long time.

The end of Dhiraagu as the sole telecommunication service provider in the Maldives ended with the licensing of of Ooredoo (Wataniya back then), an international telecommunications company - on 1st August 2005.  With the aim of stimulating human growth by leveraging communications to help people achieve their full potential, Ooredoo continues to provide connectivity all over the Maldives. 

In addition to providing innovative voice, data, broadband, content and enterprise services, Ooredoo Maldives also carried out projects such as their ‘smart cities’ project with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Housing Development Corporation - HDC.

In celebration of their 17 years of service, which was celebrated on 1st August 2022, Ooredoo Maldives has introduced a 5G network in the greater Male’ area which includes Male’, Villimale, Hulhumale’ Phase 1 and Hulhule. This is an additional achievement for Ooredoo Maldives which was also the first service provider to provide all Maldivian islands with 4G network connectivity and upgraded its transmission network to full IP. 

"Catering to this need, Ooredoo Maldives was the first to commercially launch 5G services via Ooredoo AirFibre, a first in the market 5G Broadband service. Today as we celebrate 17 years of enriching lives in the Maldives, we are delighted to expand our 5G network across Greater Male’ and enable customers to enjoy the superfast speeds of 5G and ensure seamless uninterrupted services.”

The introduction of the 5G service is also a step up for the citizens of the Maldives as 5G is around 10X times faster than 4G, works at average speeds of 400-600Mbps, and peak speeds can reach above 1Gbps. This means you can finally download movies at high speed rather than having to wait hours to download one movie!

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