Youth, from the margins to the centre

4 min read
Where are you from? As a Maldivian the answer can range from Dhuvaafaru, Goidhoo, Lhohi, Malé, Maamigili, Vashafaru or to any of the other 187 inhabited islands dispersed across the...

Shahid, man of many hats

3 min read
These words were written at a time of confusion and second-hand embarrassment, with a tinge of irritation, at the political stunt that has taken place this week in the Maldives.

Notes on addiction

6 min read
What is addiction? In the case of drugs, it’s the inability to stop using a substance despite facing negative consequences. Most medical associations define addiction, clinically known as substance use...

It's rotten on the inside!

5 min read
A change of systems will not fix the culture of inept institutions nor suddenly reform the bad faith actors who fancy themselves ‘king makers’ looking to further entrench and enrich...

Language matters — language matters?

4 min read
Living away from home immersed in another culture, the sights, the sounds and the language, one feels a sense of belonging. You left your home country with a tidal wave...

The curious case(s) of our MPs

4 min read
So the five year cycle goes: “beg, borrow and buy” votes to get into Majlis, all in the name of representing the people and the interests of the nation, and...