Our institutions are too far behind

4 min read
The acquittal of former president Abdulla Yameen by the Supreme Court is being rightly celebrated as a win for the Maldives’ Judicial System. The Supreme Court, devoid of political influence...

Youth, from the margins to the centre

4 min read
Where are you from? As a Maldivian the answer can range from Dhuvaafaru, Goidhoo, Lhohi, Malé, Maamigili, Vashafaru or to any of the other 187 inhabited islands dispersed across the...

Shahid, man of many hats

3 min read
These words were written at a time of confusion and second-hand embarrassment, with a tinge of irritation, at the political stunt that has taken place this week in the Maldives.

Notes on addiction

6 min read
What is addiction? In the case of drugs, it’s the inability to stop using a substance despite facing negative consequences. Most medical associations define addiction, clinically known as substance use...