Higher pay for lecturers is finally here!

The Government has finally announced that lecturers will be getting a pay raise which will bump up their salaries from MVR18,880 to MVR 29,900.



The issue surrounding underpaid and underappreciated educators is a global one. While educators are the ones who teach children all around the globe most that they need to find a proper job and their path in life, oftentimes, the task is often looked down on and is not adequately compensated financially. 

This has been a re-occurring issue in the Maldives as well. Even after working long hours and putting in so much effort during their free time to prepare materials to make classes more interesting and hands-on, teachers used to be extremely underpaid for the hours they put in. The solution to this issue was brought about as recently as last year when the Government increased the salaries of teachers in May 2022. With the new changes, the Maldives saw teachers finally getting recognition for the hard work that they do with the increased salaries to acknowledge their efforts. 

However, one thing many noted with the increased salaries for teachers was that lecturers were left out of this benefit while they are educators as well. However, earlier this year during the Presidential address in Parliament, President Solih announced that civil servants are to receive an increase in salary and the first to witness this increase were teachers in 2022, and for the year 2023, the health sector workers, as well as lecturers, were also looking at an increase in salaries. 

And after what seemed like a long wait, the Government has finally  announced that lecturers will be getting a pay raise which will bump up their salaries from MVR18,880 to MVR 29,900.  With these new changes, lecturers who are teaching at the Maldives National University (MNU), Islamic University as well as the Polytechnic, will be getting the benefits of this pay raise. 

The announcement was made during a ceremony hosted at Thaa Atoll Hirilandhoo School celebrating its 71-year anniversary of the school. With these new changes being made, a total of MVR 62 million will be spent from the state budget and 767 lecturers will see a raise in their salaries. 

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