Hanimadu International Airport development

This MVR 2.1 billion project is being supported by the credit line given to the Maldives by India in 2019.

Source: Archdaily

Source: Archdaily

Even though the Maldives' tourism industry is expanding year after year, not all of the country's residents are able to take advantage of the opportunities being presented. Of course, this is not by choice as Islands in the North are far more isolated from the capital as a result of the lack of connectivity caused by poor transportation, which has hampered development in all areas, including tourism.

When having to travel to islands in the North of the Maldives from the capital, people have been faced with having to take speed boats or ferries; and while Maldivians might be familiar travelling by sea, it might not be something everyone looks forward to. Even on islands with airports, like HDh. Hanimadu, the airport on this island hasn't developed nearly as much as the one in the capital, which is pretty obvious. Undoubtedly, the lack of development at such a crucial airport causes significant difficulties.

Although the Southern islands of the Maldives have experienced similar problems in the past, Addu and Fuvahmulah City's condition has significantly improved as a result of significant expenditures and developments as compared to the islands of the North. 

But now that JMC projects (India) Ltd. has been awarded the project to build and develop the Hanimadu international airport, it might finally be time for the Northern Islands to develop. This MVR 2.1 billion project, which is being managed by JMC Projects (India) Ltd, which has previously managed a number of other projects in the Maldives, is being supported by the credit line given to the Maldives by India in 2019.

With so much natural beauty to offer in the Northern islands, upon the completion of this project there is no doubt that the economic and tourism sectors will pick up in the Northern islands as this airport will become the main hub to connect the central Maldives to Northern Maldives. Once the project is completed, this airport will be able to handle international flights using aircrafts like Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 - meaning the connectivity will not be just local, but internationally as well.

The completion of this project would also be a great accomplishment for the Maldives as the country might soon have an additional well-known international airport rather than having to solely depend on Velana International Airport (VIA).

According to the Ministry of Economic Development, the project is anticipated to begin at the end of 2022 and is set to be completed and operational by 2024.

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