A look into the beauty of Fuvahmulah

498 km from the capital of Maldives, Fuvahmulah is the only island of volcano origin among the other two thousand coral reef-based islands in the Maldives leading to its comparison to well-known attractions such as Bali.

Source: Love the Maldives

Source: Love the Maldives

When discussing the beauty of the local islands in the Maldives, it would be wrong not to mention Fuvahmulah City. Located in the Southern Maldives, Fuvahmulah is highly praised for its uniqueness and beauty which makes the island stand out compared to the rest of the Maldives. 498 km from the capital of Maldives, Fuvahmulah is the only island of volcano origin among the other two thousand coral reef-based islands in the Maldives. Due to this reason, many have come to compare the island to the infamous Bali, only better.

With a population of 14,000 citizens, Fuvahmulah people have their own dialect which differs from the dialect spoken in the capital. Known as one of the biggest islands in the Maldives Fuvahmulah is both an agriculturally and fisheries-based island, however, Fuvahmulah is now known as a city in the Maldives due to the developments in the island compared to most other islands of the Maldives. 

While the island is not majorly known for its agricultural side, a short walk during the evening along the farms on the island is definitely something to put on the list of things to explore on the island. Many farmers visit their farms to water the plants, check up on crops and catch up with their neighbours during these hours when the sun is not too hot, and it is one of those rare moments when you can see pure joy and togetherness among people.

While many of the islands in the Maldives are visited by tourists to discover the local culture and natural beauty, a visit to Fuvahmulah would take you to one of the most beautiful beaches there is to explore in all of the Maldives. Known to be one of the most unique beaches around the world, ‘Thundi’ is a local and tourist favourite spot.

Made up of white pebbles, this beach has everything one could ask for from the beautiful landscape, a well-known beachside restaurant that allows you to dine near the ocean watching the sunset and the perfect spot for a picnic or a day out with friends or family. 

If visiting this beach has you interested in exploring the ocean, there is a whole lot of that available on this island. Everything ranging from fishing, diving, and snorkelling is available on this island. Recently having become one of the major spots for diving due to tiger shark sightings, Fuvahmulah is the place to be if you are a thalassophile. 

If you happen to be more of a nature person, exploring ‘Kodakilhi’ should be on your list. This naturally formed ‘mud bath’ has caught the attention of many in recent years, however, to the locals this spot is nothing new. Surrounded by greenery, this mud bath allows you to relax and listen to the sounds of nature while replenishing your skin. In addition to the infamous Kodakilhi, Fuvahmulah also has two nature parks that can be visited if you want to see the beautiful wetland area without getting dirty. 

This island also has a lot of historical background to it with historical locations such as Gemmiskiy which is a mosque said to be built in the 1300s and also holds the infamous well that is said to have water that tastes different in all four corners of the well, the Havihtha which is the ruins of a Buddist stupa and Vasho Veu which is one of the last remaining communal wells.

After exploring the island, there is one thing you definitely should not miss out on getting your hands on some Kattelhi, a famous deep-water fish, that is best served with Taro and coconut. If you visit Fuvahmulah during Kattelhi season, you are definitely extremely lucky and in for a treat!

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