Solih announces significant salary increase for government employees, 17 days before election

The magnitude of this pay increase is indeed remarkable, with President Solih revealing that the salaries of these employees will experience a substantial boost of 40 percent.

Source: President's Office

Source: President's Office

In a move aimed at getting more votes in the presidential election, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has unveiled plans to implement a substantial pay increase for thousands of workers across various government agencies in the Maldives. The initiative is set to bring about positive adjustments for approximately 44,280 employees in diverse sectors.

During a campaign rally, the President made the significant announcement that will come into effect in January of the upcoming year. The president emphasized that the pay increases this year so far is a result of the approved budget for the current year, and it encompass a wide range of government employees, including those serving in the Police, Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF), Customs, Immigration, and Corrections departments.

Furthermore, the salary increments are to be extended to include a broader spectrum of public service, covering Civil Service employees, Judicial staff, administrative staff of local councils, and religious scholars. This change is aimed to bring about positive changes to the salaries of individuals employed across these sectors.

The magnitude of this pay increase will have significant impact on the overall burden on state budget, with President Solih revealing that the salaries of these employees will experience a substantial boost of 40 percent. According to the President, this shift will bring significant financial relief to a wide array of professionals. For instance, constable-rank police officers will witness their salaries elevate from MVR 11,000 to MVR 15,400, while private-rank officers receiving MVR 11,500 can anticipate an increase to MVR 16,300.

Notably, the positive changes extend beyond law enforcement personnel. Local Council Agency employees currently earning MVR 7,200 will see their earnings rise to MVR 10,500. Even at the higher echelons of government service, the impact of pay harmonization is discernible. The salary of a Director at the civil services ministry, presently at MVR 16,000, will ascend to MVR 23,200 starting from January next year.

The uplifting news also resonates with chief inspectors, who will see their monthly earnings surge from MVR 34,400 to MVR 48,000 post-implementation of pay harmonization.

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