A look into the Maldives Parliament elections 2024

On Sunday, April 21, 2024, the Maldives held its parliamentary election, marking a crucial moment for citizens to elect representatives for their constituencies in the current administration.

The Edition

The Edition

While the electoral process unfolded smoothly without major incidents, the Elections Commission (EC) of the Maldives disclosed a notable decrease in voter turnout compared to the recent Presidential Election held in late 2023. Despite the Presidential election witnessing an impressive 85 percent turnout, the parliamentary election saw participation from only 75 percent of eligible voters. This discrepancy meant that out of the over 284,000 individuals eligible to vote in the parliamentary election, only 215,000 citizens exercise their voting rights.

Despite the dip in voter participation, the parliamentary election yielded success for the ruling political party, the Progressive National Congress (PNC). Candidates from the PNC secured a majority of the seats, signaling a continuation of the party's influence within the government.

The final election results are as follows:

Thinadhoo City

  • Thinadhoo Uthuru: Saudhulla Hilmy 
  • Thinadhoo Dhekunu: Mohamed Alsan Ahmed 

Kulhudhuhfushi City

  • Kulhudhuffushi Dhekunu: Faruhath Mohamed 
  • Kulhudhuffushi Uthuru: Mohamed Dawoodh 

Fuvahmulah City

  • Fuvahmulah Uthuru: Hamad Abdulla 
  • Central Fuvahmulah: Ali fazad
  •  Fuvahmulah Dhekunu: Ibrahim Hussain

Addu City

  • Hulhudhoo: Mohamed Shahid 
  • Hithadhoo Uthuru: Mohamed Sinaan 
  • Central Hithadhoo: Ahmed Azaan 
  • Hithadhoo Dhekunu: Ibrahim Nazil 
  • Addu Meedhoo: Abdul Rahman 
  • Maradhoo: Ahmed Didi 
  • Feydhoo Dhekunu: Ibrahim Mohamed 
  • Feydhoo Uthuru: Ismail Nizar 

Male’ City

  • Villimale’: Mohamed Ismail 
  • Maafannu Uthuru: Mohamed Nazim
  • Maafannu Hulhangu: Mohamed Musthafa Ibrahim
  • Maafannu Medhu: Asma Rasheed
  • Maafannu Dhekunu: Abdulla Rifau
  • Medhu Henveiru: Hussain Nasih
  • Henveiru Dhekunu: Hussein Imran
  • Henveiru Uhuru: Ahmed Aifan
  • Henveiru Hulhangu: Ali Ibrahim
  • Galolhu Dhekunu: Meekail Ahmed Naseem
  • Galolhu Uthuru: Mohamed Ibrahim
  • Mahchangoalhi Uthuru: Ibrahim Mohamed
  • Mahchangoalhi Dhekunu: Musthafa Hussain
  • Mahchangalhi Medhu: Ahmed Zameer
  • Hulhumale’ Uthuru: Hussain Shareef
  • Hulhumale’ Dhekunu: Ahmed Shamheed
  • Hulhumale’ Medhu: Abdulla Shazeem

The outcome of the parliamentary election underscores the ongoing political landscape in the Maldives, reaffirming the PNC's standing as a dominant force within the country's governance framework as the political party won a supermajority of seats in the parliament with 66 candidates being chosen by the citizens. As the newly elected lawmakers assume their roles, all eyes remain on the trajectory of governance and policy direction in the Maldives.

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