Developments in Hulhumale Phase II

While it may appear to be just another opening of a clinic and a school to others, to those who live in Hiya flats, they are the first steps towards development for the area.

Ever since owners of the Hiya flats moved-in and settled down in Hulhumale’ phase II, the criticism has been a constant. Everything from the rushed finish of the building, leaving the owners with the burdens of finishing up the apartment; from installing fans and other electronics to even finishing the tiling work, the lack of elevators for the overflowing number of tenants living in the building and last but not least, the lack of infrastructure and supporting developments in the area.

When people first moved into the Hiya flats in Hulhumale’ In August 2021, there was little to nothing else in the area. Just the flats, the tenants and a tiny bus stop. While people were excited to move into their brand new homes after paying thousands for this finishing work, the excitement was soon met with annoyance as people realized how far they had to move in order to shop for essentials as well as to socialize. 

However, the issue with grocery shopping did not last long as ‘Olive tree grocery store’ soon opened easing life for the residents of Hiya. However, there were still many pending issues -  one being the distance between schools and the residency. Even with the introduction of bus services from Phase II to Phase I and Male’, the distance and time taken to make the trip made it very hard for students to get to school on time.

As there were many residents with kids who attended different schools of different grades, mostly going early in the morning, many found it difficult. But worse than getting to school was getting back from school, as the bus is not specifically for kids to travel between school and home, it was for public use. This meant a long waiting time after school was over in order to get home as seat availability is limited during those hours.

In addition to this, there was also the issue of the distance between all the ‘nearby’ clinics and hospitals. While getting to a hospital is already hard enough for those who live in the capital city, it was ten times harder for those who lived in the Hiya flats.

Recent Developments 

However, there have been some recent developments in Phase II in addition to the grocery store with the opening of more stores in the slots allocated for them. But this was not the only development as a clinic has also been developed in the H12 tower of Hiya flats.

Not long after the opening, in August 2022, Aasandha company limited also approved for Aasandha to be provided in the clinic. Before Aasandha was provided, many opted to make the trip to the hospitals in the capital city as medical care was unaffordable without insurance coverage, however, the introduction of Aasandha in the clinic will definitely bring about some comfort for those who do not want to burden themselves with travelling to Male’ to seek medical help. 

In addition to this, the first primary school has also been developed and opened in Hulhumale Phase II named ‘Ahmed Kaamil Didi Primary School’. Consisting of 12 classrooms, the school facilitates students from grades 1 to 6. While this school has opened as of 4th September 2022, another primary school is planned to be opened in the neighbouring plot by October 2022.

While it may appear to be just another opening of a clinic and a school to others, to those who live in Hiya flats they are the first steps towards development for the area. 

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