2023: Planned developments in the health sector

The PSIP report highlighted that for 2023 the plan includes spending MVR 7,249 million in order to improve the infrastructure of the Maldivian health sector.

One of the biggest issues that Maldivians have been facing throughout the years is the health sector in the country. And while many might think that the issue surrounding the health sector might be the lack of doctors, nurses or healthcare professionals in general, when it comes to the Maldives the biggest issue is the lack of healthcare establishments itself. 

If you live in the Maldives, you know one thing for certain: if you're having any major health issues and need to see a doctor, you have to fly-in or travel to the capital city of Male’.

The country only has three tertiary hospitals and one public hospital, so those from local islands are constantly forced to spend a copious amount of money on things as simple as getting a blood test done.

While there has been some improvement in cities of the Maldives when it comes to the health sector, this improvement is not happening fast enough and even those from cities of the Maldives have to travel to the capital city Male’ for proper treatment. Now with 2023 starting out and the Government announcing the Public Sector Investment Program (PSIP) plan for the year, it’s a good time to look into what the future of the health sector is going to be like in the Maldives for the coming year.

PSIP 2023- Health sector

The PSIP plan published by the Government for the upcoming year highlights the plans that they have in terms of improving the health sector all over the Maldives. The PSIP report highlighted that the Government spending on the health sector has been increasing over the past few years, and for 2023 the plan includes spending MVR 7,249 million in order to improve the infrastructure of the Maldives health sector. 

This year’s plan includes more than just developing the existing hospitals, as the Government intends to construct tertiary-level hospitals in both Kulhudhuffushi City and G.Dh Thinadhoo. In addition to this, the Government also intends to improve the services provided in L.Gan, G.Dh Thinadhoo and R.Ungoofaaru to tertiary level hospitals as well.

Moreover, the Government also has plans to develop the hospitals in the bigger cities of the Maldives with the help of the domestic budget, Kuwait Fund as well as from the loans taken from the Exim Bank of India.

The health sector in the Maldives has been in dire need of improvement, especially in recent years as COVID-19 showed the whole world the importance of having a proper health sector in a country. 

While the PSIP plan for the health sector sounds like the ideal way to bring the much-needed improvement in the Maldives, we will have to wait and find out if these plans are executed and carried out as the year progresses. 

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