The Spelling Bee (Season 2)

TVM is bringing back the national spelling competition for a second season.

Source - Television Maldives via Facebook

Source - Television Maldives via Facebook

Public television carries the responsibility of producing educational, fun-filled programs aimed at the younger audiences to ensure that their media-consumption provides them with learning and educational benefits. In this vein, TVM is picking up on the successes of their pioneering Spelling Bee Competition for a second season.

The Spelling Bee Competition 2022 brings together children between the ages 10 and 13 to participate in multiple rounds of spelling games, with a progressive elimination process. The process would then select the Top Speller in each episode, who will proceed to a Semi Final episode.

The competition is set to air through the month of Ramadan, as part of the Ramadan entertainment programs, and with the success of the first season, expectations are high. 

Aishath Yooliya Haleem, who was the judge and pronouncer in the first season, is making a return to the stage to ensure the best, most educative experience for the participants. The host of the event Axam Maumoon, a newcomer to TVM's presenting team with an easy-going personality and rapport with the participants, ensures that through the stress and nervousness of the competitive atmosphere, the children are all having fun and enjoying themselves; even if they do not manage to score the highest on their attempts. 

The production will be recorded at TVM’s largest studio, with a full team of professional cameramen and lighting specialists to ensure the highest quality. The management of TVM has invested significant expertise in ensuring this, most possibly, continuously running, annual competition would be watched from all across the country and also that it may instil a love for literature in the children participating and those watching.

The auditions had accommodated over 300 applicants, finally whittled down to the 64 children who would be competing in this nationwide competition. There are no special accommodations per se for specific ages as those who fit the age groups are put randomly into competing groups for each episode. They were all given a limited list of words to expect during the course of the competition, and with the full support of their parents, are encouraged to learn and revise beforehand.

This is just one of the many educational productions that TVM has been working on, and carries with it high hopes of expanding even further. There has been discussion within the production team of bringing up more competitive, educational programs in the future.

The TVM Spelling Bee Competition 2022 will be aired throughout the month of Ramadan.

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