October focus: decentralisation

Throughout the weeks of October MFR will be focused mainly on Decentralisation.

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Welcome to edition 23.

With the multitude of challenges that the Maldives has had to face since even before the Local Government Authority came into existence, the term ‘decentralisation’ certainly is not one that is new.

What is new thought is the true regional autonomy that decentralisation has touted now for one and a half decades or more.

Though ‘championed’ by administrations for the benefits and the independent autonomy it will bring to regions, islands and citizens alike, multiple administrations have failed to properly implement policies that, for those in power, will see decentralisation chip away at the influence once commanded by the powerful central government — a concept that administrations have found intoxicatingly hard to let go of.

However there have been some recent indications that the administration, even though reluctantly and under public pressure, is willing to concede their days of authority, over every aspect of the entire nation, might be numbered.

Throughout this month MFR will be exploring how aspects of decentralisation are at play in the Maldives — from expectations, met and unmet, to implications, financial and organisational, and everything around and in-between.

We hope, as, always, that we can stimulate insightful considerations of decentralisation in order that we understand, and implement, the concept better.

Enjoy your reading!


The Editor.

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