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Welcome to Maldives Financial Review.

Welcome to Maldives Financial Review.

In an already crowded media landscape this is what we hope you will come to expect of Maldives Financial Review;

  • That we will keep you continuously engaged and richly informed about the Maldives' economy, financial sector and other key socioeconomic developments.
  • That we will deliver distinct, fact-based, credible and timely information & exploration of the relevant issues of the day.
  • That we champion policies, initiatives and issues that will make a clear, lasting, impact on communities and the world.

At MFR we support macroeconomic balance, sustainable development, innovation, protection of the environment & human rights and strengthening of institutions through higher transparency & proper governance.

It is our sincere hope that our writings will lead to positive, constructive and illuminated discussion on issues that truly matter to our communities.

We are not aligned with any specific political view nor do we share a particular philosophy specific to any political party.

Unlike most other publications we will not be publishing author names with our articles. Authors will remain anonymous in a view to allow for the widest application of expertise in their writings. However, opinions of other experts, and experienced professionals, will be published from time to time under their names — and these writing may, or may not, reflect the point of view of MFR.

Although authors will remain anonymous, our editorial team will remain unambiguously visible — designations and names always updated as they change — and we will take full responsibility for the content that appears in our publication.

MFR is a weekly publication with new stories updated every Thursday — however we will be covering breaking news on certain hot button issues as and when they happen.

We hope that MFR will provide genuine value to your life and the lives of everyone in our communities.

We invite you back every week for fresh views, news and content.



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