Introducing ‘ARO water’ by MWSC

And now, it looks like luxury has met sustainability with the introduction of MWSC's 'ARO water,' which was launched on November 7, 2022, in a ceremony held at CROSSROADS Maldives.

Twitter @MWSC_Official

Twitter @MWSC_Official

As the Maldives' tourism industry grows, everything in the country is becoming more luxurious. With the Maldives' resorts and the location itself being renowned as one of the 'luxury' vacation spots that tourists are always talking about, it looks like the Maldives is also improving its brand and what the country has to offer each year.

However, in addition to the luxurious branding that the Maldives aspires to be, the country has also been working on being more eco-friendly and sustainable. Several measures are already in place such as the efforts being put into reducing plastic usage and the effort towards waste segregation to reduce the amount of waste produced by households. 

And now it appears that luxury has met sustainability with the announcement of ‘ARO water’ by Male’ Water and Sewage Company (MWSC). This premium bottled water was launched by the company on November 7, 2022, in a ceremony held at CROSSROADS Maldives.

Aimed specifically towards the tourist market in the Maldives, these bottles come in both 500 millilitres as well as 1-litre bottles. Instead of using plastic, the company opted for glass bottles in order to make them luxurious while still staying in line with the sustainable aspect that the Maldivian tourism industry as well as the country as a whole has been striving towards. 

With the usage of designs inspired by the Maldives, ARO is the first-ever premium water brand to be launched in the country. While MWSC has plans to introduce this brand to the locals in the Maldives in the future, the current launch is targeted specifically towards the tourism industry.

However, if you’re a local taking a trip to a resort, you might come across this brand-new premium water bottle as well!

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