BML community fund projects

Projects in Thaa and Noonu Atolls appear to be a success as the residents seem enjoying the newly opened barbeque/ beach area on both islands.

Source: Bank of Maldives

Source: Bank of Maldives

The community fund started by the Bank of Maldives (BML) has reached another one of its goals as the community fund projects for Kinbidhoo and Landhoo have been completed as of July 21, 2022. 

This community fund was started by BML in order to empower NGOs to make positive contributions to their communities through sustainable projects. Having provided financial assistance through the community fund for over 65 projects across the country, the fund motivated registered local NGOs to implement projects in the areas of education, environment, sports and community development.

The latest completed projects are in Th. Kinbidhoo and N. Landhoo. Under this project, a picnic area was developed in Th. Kinbidhoo can be accessed by both the residents and students of the island. 

As Th. Kinbidhoo is an island that did not have any proper beach areas, residents of the island were forced to travel to nearby islands for picnics or any other recreational activities. The completion of this beach area finally provides the residents of the island with a proper beach area to enjoy. This area was also developed with huts, traditional joalis for sitting, wooden benches BBQ areas and outdoor showers. 

In N. Landhoo a barbeque area was developed, equipped with benches, traditional joali, huts, a canteen with a mini library and a storage area with the aim of creating a space to bring families and the community together.

Both projects appear to be a success as pictures show the residents enjoying the newly opened barbeque/ beach area on both islands.


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