Bank of Maldives enables Digital Wallet on Mobile app

Payment and Wallet services now available on the Bank of Maldives Mobile Banking app.

The new Bank of Maldives Mobile app update - Photo by Bank of Maldives

The new Bank of Maldives Mobile app update - Photo by Bank of Maldives

The Bank of Maldives has launched the BML Mobile Pay (digital wallet) on its Mobile Banking app. BML Mobile Pay enables contactless payments and wallet-to-wallet transfers through the mobile banking app.

Before this, customers used BML Mobile Pay as a separate app. With the merge of these two apps, customers can now use the BML Mobile Banking app to make payments using Scan to Pay for a faster and more secure payment experience or send money to friends and family using only the mobile phone.

Last year, the Bank of Maldives introduced a new major version of the Mobile Banking app since its introduction of it in 2015. The latest version came with a fresh appearance and added features to give customers a secure and smooth banking experience.

The integration of BML's digital wallet and payment features into the mobile app enables consumers to bank and pay with just one app.

Customers can scan or tap to pay straight from the app at retailers around the country if they have an NFC-enabled phone.

With the new update:

  • Customers can now Scan BML QR codes using the mobile banking app.
  • Customers can use tap to pay with NFC compatible devices.
  • Merchants can use the mobile key-in feature to request a payment from a customer.

With the new update, the Bank of Maldives mobile app offers all banking services under one app, including domestic and international transfers.

Mobile-based contactless payments are among the safest and fastest ways of payment worldwide. Bank of Maldives is the first and only bank in the Maldives offering contactless payments via a mobile app. According to the Bank of Maldives, at present over 90% of the Bank’s customers use internet banking. 

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