BML announces business grants

1 min read
Good news for inspired entrepreneurs to craft their ideas into reality - the Bank of Maldives (BML) announced the BML Startup Grant earlier this week. This grant will be awarded...

Maldives fisheries

4 min read
Sometimes, what has been so deeply ingrained in our way of life gets overlooked when considering development and benchmarking, in terms of economic importance. In the case of the Maldives,...

BML needs to be held accountable

3 min read
On 29 November 2021 the Maldives’ retail economy was virtually brought to a standstill. The Bank of Maldives, while doing some routine upgrades — that the company had failed to...

Doing business in the Maldives

4 min read
The Doing Business 2020 Report published by the World Bank compares 190 countries in terms of ease of doing business. After being assessed on various factors such as starting a...

Assisting MSMEs — lessons from recent approaches

5 min read
Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are critical to promoting inclusive economic development and poverty alleviation. They constitute a vast number of businesses and employ a large number of people...

The Business Centre Corporation

4 min read
The Business Centre Corporation (BCC) was formed in 2017 under a presidential decree in alignment with the SME Act (2013), mandated to support the development of the SME sector, under...

Ensuring an enabling SME environment

3 min read
The SME Development Finance Corporation (SDFC) holds heavy ground in strengthening the Maldives' entire SME industry. Even though the policies of SDFC is steered towards reaching out to as many...

Shaira's lessons of experience

4 min read
Each business has its unique story to tell, but there are certain common factors that enable them to be successful and their 'lessons learnt' can prove invaluable for new start-ups.

Incubators can supercharge MSMEs

4 min read
The Maldives is a nation with a very high concentration of bright, talented, and motivated people. MSMEs are almost commonplace, yet not all of the necessary ingredients are in place...