Sanctions imposed on Russia; a primer

A snapshot view of sanctions Russia will face due to the nation's aggression against Ukraine.

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Russia has been the target of various sanctions by the United States, Britain, and other EU nations, as a result of the recent aggression by Russia against Ukraine. 

These sanctions have been targeted towards Russian President Vladimir Putin, other politicians, officials and oligarchs. 

Key politicians include:

Banks and other financial institutions include:

In addition to this, US, Canada, UK and EU have imposed serious restrictive measures against some of the major Russian companies. 

Notable companies include:

Additional measures

Japanese sanctions include restrictions of transactions on Russian sovereign debt both in the primary and secondary markets. There are sanctions on exporting parts to Russian military related institutions, and suspension of visas for selected group of Russians. 

Canada has also imposed restrictions on Russian sovereign debt instrument transactions, and putting severe restrictions on exports to Russia. 

Switzerland has issued travel bans to some selected oligarchs, and suspended visa agreement that made it easier for Russians to enter Switzerland. 

The United States has also imposed restrictions on export of high end technological products to Russia, targeting its aerospace, defense and maritime sectors. 

The EU has placed a ban on listing shares of Russian SOEs on EU trading platforms, a ban on export of all aircraft, spare parts and equipment to Russian airlines and Russian space industry. This also includes restriction on insurance, reinsurance, and maintenance services. 

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