Getting your Travel Takaful plan from home!

Travel takaful is an Islamic insurance plan offered by “Ayady Takaful- Allied Islamic Window” that you can easily participate from the convenience of your home through “” portal and can be claimed from anywhere in the world.

Source: Velana International Airport

Source: Velana International Airport

Ayady Takaful is the Islamic Window of Allied Insurance Company – The leading insurer of the Maldives to deliver takaful (Islamic insurance) products inherently in line with Islamic shariah principles.

Everyone has been looking for ways to travel on a budget in preparation for the holidays, checking into travel packages, booking hotels, and attempting to get on the first flight out of the country before it gets full. While we pay attention to every single detail when it comes to the room availability or whether we used every single coupon code, one thing most of us tend to overlook is travel protection plan.

Even after hearing this, many people might not understand what it means because we frequently disregard the tiny box that asks us if we want to add a travel protection coverage to the overall cost of every booking and simply check the appropriate box, either yes or no, without thinking.

This needs to change as travel takaful or an insurance is now recommended, if not required for international travel as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is crucial to understand that a travel protection plan is essential to have peace of mind while we are flying abroad.

It may be too much for a beginner to handle the entire process of choosing a business to trust with his/ her travel protection plan or selecting a plan and learning what it covers. However, through “” online portal, participation in Ayady’s Travel Takaful plan had been made easier and more convenient with a simple walk-through coverages details and additional options available in one platform.

Many people worry about missing their flight or having a large hospital cost in the event of a minor injury when traveling, especially to a foreign country. Hence, this is one of the reasons a Travel takaful plan, like this comes in handy since the basic package includes coverage for everything, including medical costs, personal injuries, document loss, legal fees, and even hijack.

However, considering the ongoing holidays, the current state of the world economy, and the fact that some countries are once again seeing an increase in COVID-19 instances, many individuals wonder how much a travel takaful plan will be able to compensate for them.

Ayady’s Travel takaful plan offers the safety net at a significantly lower contribution amount to participate in the plan with the aim of protecting travelers against unanticipated accidents during trips to abroad. 

 In the current climate, you may need to consider these issues when traveling abroad, such as what would happen if political unrest interfered with your trip or your alternatives if you contracted COVID-19 while abroad.

With this travel takaful plan, optional coverages can be added on to take care of all your concerns. Options ranging from winter and other sports activities coverage, political unrest, and natural catastrophe evacuation coverage to covid-19 coverage, which includes sub-coverage for all costs associated with medical care, isolation, death/coma, evacuation, and repatriation.

It seems like the time has come to book that flight, pack your bags, and take that well-earned vacation as the travel takaful coverage begins the moment you leave your home to fly to your destination. While you're at it, don't forget to add the Travel Takaful plan!

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