Oala Media relaunches its Dhivehi language story App "Oala" with exciting upgrades

The revamped 'Oala' app is set to bring a host of changes to its user interface, promising an even more user-friendly experience.

In a bid to rekindle a passion for the Dhivehi language and reading among children, Oala Media Pvt Ltd has announced the relaunch of its beloved story app, "Oala." The company is gearing up for a special event, "Oala Yoala Ehvelumeh," scheduled for this week. The festivities will unfold at the picturesque stage area of Sultan Park in Malé City.

Geared towards children, this event promises a delightful and engaging experience. Attendees can look forward to interactive singing sessions with the Oala team, face painting, and a range of educational activities. The lineup includes fascinating activities such as 'Science Kameh,' 'Kulhey Kulhey Kanmathi,' and 'Artfart' with Creative Juice. Attendees, both young and old, will also be treated to refreshments courtesy of 'Akko Official.'

The highlight of the event is an exciting draw for the attendees who register for the Oala app, with a chance to win a coveted Samsung Galaxy Tablet A8, generously provided by Ooredoo.

The revamped 'Oala' app is set to bring a host of changes to its user interface, promising an even more user-friendly experience. These modifications will greatly enhance the accessibility of reading stories through the app, in addition to enjoying songs and videos on both iOS and Android devices, including smartphones and tablets. To celebrate the relaunch, a captivating video produced by Arc Maldives will be featured, offering a glimpse of what's to come on the app. Furthermore, the app will offer a treasure trove of videos, podcasts, and booklets designed to empower parents with valuable insights.

Among the new features of the app is the option for users to register using overseas phone numbers, ensuring a broader reach for Dhivehi language enthusiasts worldwide. Additionally, parents will have a dedicated login with a PIN, adding an extra layer of security and control. Alongside the free version of the Oala app, a premium version will also be launched.

Subscribers of the premium "Kiyamaa" version will gain exclusive access to a minimum of three new content pieces each month, promising a fresh and enriching experience for young readers.

The free version of the app retains all its original content, now enhanced with improved features. Specifically tailored for children under the age of nine, the Oala app remains an invaluable resource for young learners, fostering a lifelong love for the Dhivehi language and the joys of reading.

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