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Source - Bank of Maldives Plc.

Source - Bank of Maldives Plc.

The Bank of Maldives, the leading bank in the Maldives, holds the largest share of customers and investments, and has been striving to increase customers loyalty, interaction, and participation in multiple ways. This most recent announcement brings good news for those who use a BML credit card.

Editorial Advisory
This is a paid sponsorship feature by Bank of Maldives.

The BML Rewards program, in collaboration with the multinational loyalty program “Gift”, for the BML credit card is one where every time the card is used for transactions, the account holder accrues Rewards points. These points can be used for booking airline tickets, book hotel stays, and even rent cars where applicable. It also can be used to get gift cards for international brands such as Amazon, Apple Music, Google Play, as well as Playstation.

According to the Manager of Public Relations at BML, Mohamed Saeed, the registration invitation has been sent out via email to all credit card users at BML, and he assures customers that registration is as simple as following the link.

Furthermore, for those who register for this loyalty program before the 15th of April, BML gives a chance for ten lucky winners a chance to win 10,000 points from the get go, in addition to the sign up bonus points. As mentioned above, these points can be used to redeem a multitude of services and gift cards, and this opportunity to nab a load of free points should not be missed.

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